Dr. Elizabeth Mole, DNP, PMHNP-BC

At The Body and Mind Clinic, Dr. Elizabeth Mole, DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice), PMHNP-BC (Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner – Board Certified), stands at the forefront, embodying the clinic’s dedication to a holistic mental health approach. 

With a Doctorate of Nursing from Johns Hopkins University and a Masters in Nursing from the University of California San Francisco, Dr. Mole, DNP, PMHNP-BC, brings over a decade of experience to her practice. She is board certified with the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Her belief in the integral connection between the body and mind drives the clinic’s philosophy, offering a unique, concierge-style mental health service that is both personal and profound.

Dr. Mole, DNP, PMHNP-BC, has an extensive background in treating a wide range of mental health issues, from depression to schizophrenia, ensuring that each patient receives care tailored to their specific needs.

Her approach is not just about addressing symptoms but nurturing overall wellness, leveraging cutting-edge treatments and a compassionate, understanding demeanor to foster healing and growth.

Through The Body and Mind Clinic, Dr. Mole, DNP, PMHNP-BC, invites you to embark on a journey towards mental and emotional well-being, supported by expertise and personalized care.

Our Commitment

Shaping a Compassionate Future with Integrated Mental Health Solutions



To revolutionize mental health care by providing personalized, accessible services that nurture the mind and body, fostering a community of wellness and resilience.


To be a beacon of hope and innovation in mental health, where every individual can achieve optimal well-being through holistic and tailored care.


Compassion, innovation, and integrity guide us. We commit to excellence, understanding, and empowering our patients on their journey to mental wellness.


Why Choose The Body and Mind Clinic

The Body and Mind Clinic means embracing a journey towards holistic wellness with a team that prioritizes your mental health needs.

Our concierge-style service offers personalized care plans, cutting-edge treatments, and a compassionate approach to a wide range of mental health challenges.

Experience the difference of a clinic that truly understands the interconnectedness of mind and body, and is dedicated to your recovery and resilience.

Dr. Mole, DNP, PMHNP-BC has a collaborative agreement with Dr. Mohsin Khalique, MD.

Dr. Mohsin Khalique, MD is double board certified in Adult Psychiatry and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry with the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.